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Why does my Chevy Malibu say shift to Park?

Why does my Chevy Malibu say shift to Park?

Getting a “SHIFT TO PARK” warning message even though car is actually in park. Dealership states this is a known issue across multiple GM models but GM refuses to accept responsibility. Repair will cost $750.00 dollars and is not covered under an extended powertrain warranty. GM says this is an electronic part and is not part of the powertrain.

How to release an automatic shift stuck in Park-car?

Then, take off the foot and move the shift into park. In this way, the car will not roll and the parking brake will hold its weight, not the gear and pawl. How do you release the shifter when it does not move from the park position?

What should I do if my Chevy Malibu shift knob is stuck?

I replaced the ignition switch and that didn’t help. Some one mentioned that the shift knob has linkage that needs to completely return in order for a cable to pull a lock in the ignition switch that releases the key. It is called the Chevrolet Malibu Shift Interlock Solenoid. Once I replaced that part, everything worked fine.

What happens when you remove transmission shift cable?

Dealer (Momentum Chevrolet in San Jose) claimed “we didn’t touch it, we won’t fix it (unless you pay us)”. So… What happened is that when they repaired the transmission shift cable, they removed the wiring harness.

Got to Atlanta no problem (~800 miles), then drove around the area for a few days and left to return home on Sunday morning. After about 20 minutes, while driving on the highway, the drive cut out, alarms went off, and “shift to park” appeared in the display. After safely coasting to a stop off highway, tried everything to revive it, but no-go.

How can I tell if my Chevy Malibu has a flatbed?

Car turns on, cluster lights up normal (with the addition of a CEL), while the power flow display in the center of the dash is completely greyed-out. I called the Volt/MH roadside assistance number and they got us a flatbed in less than an hour.

What causes cel warning message on Chevy Malibu?

With the CHMSL problem, when it leaks, water runs down the headliner then the quarter panels and into the trunk right where your batteries hum along peacefully. But causing this very specific warning message, CEL, and loss of propulsion? Wonder what the codes were.

What kind of warranty does my Chevy Malibu have?

Last Monday, it had 35,670 miles on it, so I took it to our local dealer and negotiated a GM Platinum 0-deductable extended warranty before the car fell out of its original warranty, which it was about to do on a trip to Atlanta two days later.

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