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Why did they put fuse links in cars in 1968?

Why did they put fuse links in cars in 1968?

1968 brought many new safety features to every vehicle including the wiring. Fuse links were installed in major current flow circuits to protect some of the underhood major electrical arteries from catastrophic damage and fires.

When did corvettes start using lighter gauge wiring?

Since 1990, Corvette wire harnesses are using lighter gauge wiring than ever before due to the latest design low amperage draw component usage.

How to check the resistance of a corvette?

Warm the engine up to normal operating temperature. Disconnect the connector at the temperature sender and measure the resistance between the center contact of the sender and the sender body. Compare the resistance reading obtained with the above table to see if the sender is within +/- 10 ohms of the table values. If so, the sender is good.

Can a GM Service Manual diagnose a corvette?

This means you can only use a 68 GM service manual to diagnose the wiper and wiper door system on a 68.

What causes a C4 Corvette to start off wrong?

Errors and vacuum leaks can throw the calculation off and Corvette returned to the MAF system beginning with the 1994 C4 (with a MAP backup). From a troubleshooting standpoint, the MAP operation comes into the sequence the same place that the MAF does.

Why is my C4 Corvette digital instrument not working?

This manifests itself in the following ways: The four bulbs which illuminate the cluster remain dark, even with the ignition on When the ignition is on, the cluster remains dark and the info can’t be seen Sometimes, hitting the dash or hitting a bump causes the cluster to start working properly

What’s the start sequence on a C4 Corvette?

Knowing these sequences will help you troubleshoot no start issues with your C4 Corvette. C4 Corvette Start Sequence begins when you first turn the key to the “on” position, the fuel pump will run for 2 seconds pressurizing the fuel rails.

What’s the problem with my 1989 Corvette Vette?

No noticeable performance issues, the light just comes on, it … The top on my 1989 Vette won’t release when I pull the release handle. It comes open on the passenger side but not the driver’s side. What can I do?

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