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Why are the hazard lights on my Astro van not working?

Why are the hazard lights on my Astro van not working?

Nearly 80,000 2002 Chevy Astro vans are believed to be prone to non-working stop and hazard lights due to a faulty switch that may develop an open circuit. Motorists following the van may not have adequate warning the van is stopping or may be stopped for an emergency. A Chevrolet dealer should be consulted to have the switch replaced.

Why are the lights on my dash not working?

Flip the switch or turn the dial or knob up and see if the lights on your dash come on or get brighter. If adjusting the switch doesn’t work, you may have a blown fuse or bad lightbulb. Or, the entire switch may be faulty, in which case, have it replaced by a certified mechanic.

Where are the lights on the dashboard located?

Most vehicles have a dashboard lights control switch that will dim the dashboard lights, as well as turn them off. Check the control switch, which should be located on the console near the steering column or part of the headlight switch. Tail lights and dash lights are connected through the tail light (and/or brake light) fuse.

Why does my Astro van pull to one side?

Suspension. Some older model all-wheel-drive Chevy Astro vans with high mileage may severely pull to the one side during braking. A common misperception is the brakes could be faulty. More likely, however, the problem is due to the van’s suspension that may include a broken ball joint, control arm or worn components, according to

What is the problem with my Astro van?

Our 2000 Astro van is acting weird. All the indicator lights come on all at once intermittently. Sometimes you turn the blower on high and the lights go out. But the blower only seems to work when it wants to. We turn the blower on and the blower sounds like it is working but there is no air blowing.

Why are the dash lights in my car not working?

If your instrument panel is flickering, it’s likely not a problem with the dash lights at all. The car battery could be dying, or the alternator (which charges up the battery and runs electrical systems when your car is running) could be going bad. We can diagnose this problem and replace whichever part is failing.

Why is my Chevy Astro light not working?

It may be a blown fuse check the panel under the dash by the drivers feet. The other thing to check is the wire that connects the lighter it is under the outside cover (dog house) it may have come loose or the last person to service the van from the inside may have failed to plug the wire back into the lighter.

Why is the fuel pump not working on my Astro?

The fuel pump, headlights, dome lights, and horn will not work on our 95 Astro. Everything else is getting power to our knowledge. We replaced the battery cable ends because they were corroded. We replaced a relay under the hood because it had black burned gooey stuff on it around the wire connector.

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