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Where does clutch dust go in a corvette?

Where does clutch dust go in a corvette?

Inside the bell housing, clutch dust inundates the slave cylinder (clutch actuator) to eventually get past one or more hydraulic seals and contaminate the clutch fluid. Figure 4 below shows new clutch fluid on the left, and the clutch fluid after only six launches and 18 high-RPM shifts on the right. Figure 4.

What kind of clutch do I need for a 1985 Corvette?

1985 Coupe-L98/Auto,Bright Red/Carmine. 1974 Coupe-L48/4speed, Medium Red Metallic/Black Deluxe. LUK should have a clutch kit available with dual mass flywheel included. I can check and see. If you replaced the flywheel with a solid one, then the clutch disc MUST have the spring dampers in it.

Can a hydraulic clutch be replaced on a corvette?

My mechanic told be that there is not need to go to the floor with the hydraulic clutch. He also said that this clutch is not longer available on this planet. There are replacements but no where as good. My point is his advise was do not replace until absolutely necessary because there is nothing out there as good as the original.

How do you burnout a clutch in a corvette?

Optimally, burnouts are achieved by turning off the Traction Control System, revving the engine up, popping the clutch to get the tires spinning, and then standing on the brake pedal with your left foot while keeping your right foot on the gas.

What kind of clutch does a Corvette C3 use?

GM has used diaphragm pressure plates equipped with a belleville spring (coned metallic disc that can be over-centered using relatively light force) to apply clamping load for C3, 4, 5 and 6 Corvettes. Once they spring back from over-centering, they clamp very well. This diaphragm style clutch also works well with hydraulic clutches used today.

How long does clutch disc last on Corvette?

How quickly the clutch pedal is released determines how long the clutch disc will last. Those with a tendency to let the clutch out slowly or leave slight pressure on the clutch pedal clutch disc will experience rapid clutch wear.

What causes slippage in the clutch on a corvette?

Because of the rear transaxle, there is no way of getting transmission fluid on the clutch assembly. Slippage is what occurs when engine RPM is increasing on a slight grade, but your Corvette is losing speed. This is usually due to clutch disc friction material loss.

How do you remove a clutch from a corvette?

Two 10MM nuts are removed from the front and the console is out of the way. Pop the a/c inside temperature probe cover off to remove the T15 torx bit screw holding the center fascia. Carefully pry the shift emblem out of the shifter knob. A wedge is used to secure the shifter knob after it is screwed down.

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