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When was Citgo founded?

When was Citgo founded?

1910, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, United States

What does the name Citgo mean?

Cities Service Company
Editors Contribution. CITGO. Cities Service Company used CITGO as a brand name to replace the old Cities Service name and replaced the old drab green and white colors with the orange, white, and blue.

How much is Citgo worth?

Just how much Citgo is worth remains a source of speculation. Several analysts have pegged its value between roughly $4 billion and $8 billion, excluding debt.

What gas company does Venezuela own?

Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A.
Petróleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA, Spanish pronunciation: [peðeˈβesa]) (English: Petroleum of Venezuela) is the Venezuelan state-owned oil and natural gas company. It has activities in exploration, production, refining and exporting oil as well as exploration and production of natural gas.

Who is the CEO of CITGO?

Carlos E. Jordá (Aug 13, 2019–)

Carlos E. Jordá is the Chief Executive Officer & President of CITGO Petroleum Corporation. He has 47 years of experience in the international oil and gas industry.

What was the name before Citgo?

In 1965, Cities Service debuted its new marketing brand, CITGO; and the now familiar “trimark” logo. Retaining the first syllable of its long-standing name and ending with “GO,” the brand symbolized energy and progressiveness.

Who owns Valero Oil?

Valero Energy

Valero company headquarters in San Antonio, Texas
Founded January 1, 1980
Headquarters San Antonio, Texas , United States
Area served North America, United Kingdom
Key people Joseph W. Gorder (President & CEO)

Is Citgo downstream?

The U.S. downstream operations have been well managed and fairly well supported, even in recent years, especially compared to PDVSA’s Venezuela-based exploration and production operations.

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