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What will bolt up to a 4L60E?

What will bolt up to a 4L60E?

Re: what engines bolt up to a 4l60e trans? Any vortec will bolt on 4.8, 5.3, 6.0, 8.1. You’ll need a tune if you get anything besides a 4.8.

Will a LS bolt up to a 4L60E?

Most 5.3’s came with a 4l60e behind them, so YES, they fit. Look for one from the “LS years” meaning 2000+ which will have all the correct bell housing bolt holes. You need to find a 2wd tranny as well, otherwise the tail shaft will have to be swapped out to work. Visit BR3W CITY’s homepage!

Will a 4L60 transmission bolt up to a 350?

The 4L60E will bolt straight up to your 350. :yes: You will need some way to control the tranny though. The OD is electronically controlled, hence the “E” at the end of the 4L60.

Can you swap transmission from 4L60E to 4L80E?

Swapping a 4l60e transmission to a 4l80e transmission is not an easy job, but it’s totally do-able if you are willing to spend some time and money. Here are the things you have to consider: Because of the larger size of the 4L80e transmission, you may have to modify the transmission on the car that you are going to swap it to.

What kind of transmission does a Chevy Tahoe use?

The 4L60-E is found in nearly every GM rear-wheel-drive application, including the C/K Truck, Sonoma, Jimmy, Tahoe, Yukon, Astro, Safari, Suburban, Bravada, Firebird, Camaro and Corvette Before the Late 4L60-E transmission, there was the Turbo 700R, which was introduced in 1982.

Which is better Chevy Tahoe 4L60E or 4L80E?

The 4L80e is bigger, heavier, longer, and stronger than its 4L60e counterpart. The problem is, if you are making more than mid 300’s in horsepower, your 4L60e won’t hold up. People will tell you it will. They’ll sell you on upgrade kits and tell you they’ll hold. But, if you keep beating on it, it will not hold. Take my 4L60e for example.

Can a 4L60E be used as a torque converter?

Alternatively, you can use the flex plate and the torque converter from the 4l80e transmission. The engine control unit often has to get reflashed and reprogrammed for the 4l80e transmission to work properly. You can search the web or find a local dealer to do this job for you.

How can I tell if my transmission is a 4L60E?

If you have a one-piece case transmission and you’d like to confirm that It is a 4L60E you’ll need to look at the code on the transmission. The year code starts over every decade, but it’s not an issue because they have a two-piece case in the 2000’s. You can now jump down to the year identification guide.

Can a 4L60E bellhousing be used on a Gen i engine?

The 4L60E bellhousing can bolt to either engine, although you may need an adapter to get a Gen III transmission to bolt to Gens I and II and vice versa. For the purposes of easy identification, we have broken the 4L60E into 4 distinct eras. These eras are easy to identify from the outside of the transmission.

Is the GM 4L60E transmission compatible with The TH700R4?

The input shaft and torque converter are now 300mm, which means that they are no longer compatible with each other. The 4L60E transmission is both the physical and spiritual successor to the TH700R4. It was the workhorse of the GM automatic transmissions at the turn of the century.

What kind of engine does a Chevy 4L60E have?

The 4L60E was utilized in cars and light duty trucks. The 4L80E was used for heavier duty trucks. When it was introduced, the original small-block Chevy was still in production, and it was retained for the LS Gen III line of engines. The 4L60E bellhousing can bolt to either engine, although you may need an adapter…

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