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What kind of transmission does a Dodge Nag 1 have?

What kind of transmission does a Dodge Nag 1 have?

We have written several articles about the NAG 1 five-speed automatic transmission used in Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep vehicles. It comes in both two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive configurations and may also be referred to as the WA580, W5A580, 5G-Tronic or 722.6 transmission.

Are there any problems with the Chrysler 300 Nag 1?

A good friend and meticulous rebuilder, Dale Desveaux, owns and runs a shop in Napanee, Canada. He had a 2007 Chrysler 300 3.5L AWD vehicle with the NAG 1 unit come in to his shop. It exhibited a no up-shift condition and was unable to get speeds over 15 mph due to a loss of power from the engine.

When did the 3.7 liter PowerTech engine change?

In 2005, the 3.7-liter PowerTech engine went through a revision. 2005+ version features an increased compression ratio of 9.7:1, reshaped combustion chambers, a new cam profile, new piston rings, and plastic cylinder head covers. The last update in 2007 included an electronic throttle body and EGR implementation.

What kind of engine does a Dodge Magnum have?

The PowerTech engines were never used on any passenger car but were reserved for truck and SUV use only. The 3.7L PowerTech/Magnum engine is basically a 4.7 V8 version without two cylinders. Like the PowerTech V8, the 3.7L V6 engine has a cast-iron cylinder block with a 90 degrees angle between cylinder banks.

When did the Chrysler 3.5L V6 come out?

The 3.5L V6 was used in 1993-’97 Chrysler LH cars (Dodge Intrepid, Chrysler New Yorker and LHS, Eagle Vision) and the ’97 Plymouth Prowler. In 1998, the 3.5L was reworked and given an aluminum block and additional tweaks to increase the power to 253 to 255 hp, depending on the application.

What’s the problem with the 3.5L engine 2.7?

The 3.5 is durable. The sludging problem on the 2.7 is not PCV issue, it is the water pump being on the oil side of the engines and coolant leaks from the water pump puts coolant into the engine oil undetected.

Why is my Chrysler 3.5 V6 engine not working?

Lubrication issues, oil sludging, coolant leaks, overheating and low-mileage engine failures have plagued this engine family from the get-go. Some blame the design of the engine itself for all the ills it has suffered, while others blame consumers for not maintaining their engines properly.

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