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What kind of pump does a marine diesel engine use?

What kind of pump does a marine diesel engine use?

A conventional marine diesel engine use a bosh jerk pump to inject fuel into combustion chamber. It contains a single piston structure called plunger which operates; based on the cam profile.

How does a fuel pump achieve high pressure?

A fuel injector can achieve high pressure up to 500 bar by using spring loaded valve. High pressure fuel from the fuel pump then acts on the underside of the fuel injector body. This pressure when reach a certain point, it lift the needle valve against the spring tension; injecting atomized fuel oil through nozzle.

How does the fuel pump and injector work?

The injection pressure of fuel to be injected into cylinder is controlled by the fuel injector; and the amount and timing of such injection is controlled by the fuel pump. This injection pressure of a fuel injector depends upon its spring setting set by the manufacturer. On another hand a fuel pump works based on the position of cam and camshaft.

What should I look for in a fuel pump?

With a variety of sizes available, find the fuel pump that offers powerful performance, excellent savings and an unmatched warranty. Discover whether your vehicle is underperforming due to a damaged or worn-out fuel pump today. A new fuel pump can provide your vehicle with a wide range of benefits.

What is the working principle of a fuel pump?

In this article, you’ll learn fuel pump, types of fuel pump and their working principle. The purpose of the fuel pump is to meter the correct quantity of fuel and deliver it at the correct time to the engine cylinder according to the varying load and speed requirements. The plunger is driven by a cam and tappet mechanism at the bottom.

Where is the fuel pump on a V-8 engine?

In some V-8 engines, it is fitted between the two cylinder banks. The figure shows a diaphragm type A.C mechanical fuel pump it is bolted to the engine block or crankcase so that the rocker arm slides on a pump operating can on the engine camshaft or in front of the timing gear or timing chain sprocket.

Where can I get a fuel pump for my car?

Stop by a local AutoZone to find out which pumps are designed specifically for your vehicle. If you’re a DIYer, our friendly team is happy to discuss tips and tricks for installation. Otherwise, find great deals and enjoy easy shipping online. Ramp vs. Jack Stands: Which Should You Use?

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