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What kind of equipment does Clark bobcat have?

What kind of equipment does Clark bobcat have?

Bobcat’s tough, versatile and agile equipment, and its time-tested reliability, have earned it the reputation as “One Tough Animal”. The Bobcat product range includes skid-steer loaders, track loaders, all-wheel steer loaders, compact excavators, telescopic handlers, tractors, utility vehicles and attachments. E: [email protected]

What to do if your bobcat hydraulic pump breaks?

If your Bobcat equipment hydraulic pump is not functioning as designed, contact us for a quote to repair your drill Tech hydraulic pumps, and get your equipment back to OEM specs, quickly. Time is money and with your downtime and broken hydraulic pumps, your production is cut in half.

What’s the code for a bobcat lift tilt?

I was just working on trying to figure ours out. The code it is posting is 32-50 (bad ground to the tilt actuator). I just looked over all the wires in the harness going from the joystick to the actuator for loose wires or wires with rubbed open spots, but couldn’t find anything.

What to look for in a Bobcat skid loader repair?

A general inspection of the following items should be made whenever the machine has undergone service or repair: 1. Check hydraulic fluid level, engine oil level and fuel supply. Advise the owner if any of the above items are in need of repair. 2. Inspect for any sign of fuel, oil or hydraulic fluid leaks.

What kind of pump to replace Bobcat gear pump?

THIS TYRONE PUMP IS THE ALTERNATIVE TO THE WEBSTER GEAR PUMP. High Flow Hydraulic Double Gear Pump to replace Bobcat OEM 6673918. Please Note Shaft Extension Size: This shaft measures 1 ½ inch past the flange.

Who are the owners of Bobcat construction equipment?

Bobcat is a Doosan company. Doosan is a global leader in construction equipment, power and water solutions, engines, and engineering, proudly serving customers and communities for more than a century.

When did the last Bobcat loader come out?

825 Bobcat, with a rated capacity of 1,500 lb., continues the trend toward larger, diesel-powered machines. It is discontinued in 1983, replaced by the new B-Series 843. 520 is the first of the “B-Series” design, a complete makeover of the Bobcat loader line.

What kind of engine does a bobcat have?

Spec Sheets for new 730, 732 and 733 — 1979-1980 “it’s some kind of bobcat HEIGHT 75.5” (1920 MM) HEAVY DUTY AIR-COOLED FOR FARM, CONSTRUCTION, LANDSCAPE AND INDUSTRY. CLARK MELROE DIVISION WIDTH (LESS BUCKET) 532 (1350 MM) RATED OPERATING CAPACITY 1300 LBS. (450 KG) Wisconsin VH4D air-cooled gas engine.

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