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What kind of engine does an IROC Z28 have?

What kind of engine does an IROC Z28 have?

ENGINES In 1985, the IROC’s first year, the Z28’s base 190hp L69 305 V-8 could still be ordered with the IROC-Z package, but was only available with a five-speed manual transmission. The 190hp engine had a bore and stroke of 3.74 inches x 3.48 inches, compression ratio of 9.5:1 and 240-lbs.ft. of torque.

How much horsepower does an IROC 350cid have?

The 350cid made 245 horsepower, which is still very lacking by today’s standards, but very respectable for the time period. The IROC Z is choked up mostly by emissions equipment that kills power output. Once all the emissions equipment is deleted (illegal), it can make as much as 280 horsepower for the 350cid engine.

What kind of suspension does a Camaro IROC Z have?

It seemed particularly good for the Canadian Players Challenge series, whose rules mandated showroom-stock specs. The IROC-Z included GM’s stiff F41 suspension, a limited-slip diff, four-wheel disc brakes, an oil cooler, and a five-speed manual. With tuning, the Camaro’s 305-inch, small-block V-8 made up to 400 hp.

Are there aftermarket parts for the IROC Z?

Since the IROC Z is based the IROC racing machines of the 80s, the aftermarket backing for them is pretty sizable. Much like Spec E30, when a racing class is based on one specific vehicle, aftermarket parts and support becoming plentiful.

But the rear suspension had a new torque arm on the rear axle and transmission, which saved space and weight. The balance of the IROC-Z package included stiffer coil springs, gas-charged tubular hydraulic shocks, a lateral diagonal track bar and rear anti-roll bar.

What should the trigger angle be on a TPI?

Trigger angle / offset = 10 (this will vary, depending on the distributor orientation, see notes at the end of the article) Dwell depends on the coil; 2.5 to 3.0 ms is usually a good starting value.

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