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What kind of brakes does a C3 Corvette use?

What kind of brakes does a C3 Corvette use?

L48, 4spd. Original 2 bolt, vortec heads, 9.4:1 CR, Speed Pro Cam: 224/[email protected], 112 LSA, Eagle Steel Crank. This is a bit of a continuation from my last thread ( ) but this question is more specific to brake bleeding so I started a new thread.

What causes brake bleed on a C3 Corvette?

Stuff I have not done: Did not touch back calipers. Pads are good and no signs of leakage Backs seem to bleed out fine (inboard and outboard) – nice solid flow when bleeder is opened. But pedal is still soft and goes all the way to the floor.

When to replace or rebuild a brake caliper?

Also, when a customer asks for a caliper rebuild kit, it’s a good idea to recommend replacing the caliper hardware at that time. The caliper hardware will include the clips, bolts and retaining pins that will help return the component to as-new condition. One more thing you should recommend is brake fluid (and brake cleaner) if they don’t have any.

Why are my brake pads pitting and rusting?

If the boot is torn, then you can often pull it back to inspect the outer edge of the piston for pitting or corrosion. With pads that are worn and a torn boot, the piston is pushed out farther, allowing moisture to easily enter, causing rust and pitting.

When did corvette get four wheel disc brakes?

Four-wheel disc brakes were introduced to the Corvette lineup in 1965. The caliper is fixed to the suspension and split into two sections. Each caliper section holds two floating pistons that push against two brake pads in the front and rear of the car.

How does the brake system work on a corvette?

Each brake piston has a return spring beneath it so it stays in contact with the brake pads. Flexible hydraulic lip seals on each piston slide along the side of the caliper bore to keep the fluid contained in the system.

What to do if your brake line leaks on a corvette?

If your calipers leak, getting a new set of refurbished calipers is an effective way to solve this problem. Stainless-steel brake lines serve a critical safety function on your Corvette.

When was coiled wire added to Corvette brake line?

The coiled wire on the brake line minimizes any rubbing between the two lines to avoid wearing through the brake line. These canisters were added to some Corvettes in 1970 to improve emissions control.

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