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What is the real mpg of a Toyota Prius?

What is the real mpg of a Toyota Prius?

2019 EPA-estimated 54 city/50 hwy/52 combined mpg estimates for Prius LE, XLE and Limited. Actual mileage will vary.

Can you plug a Prius prime into a regular outlet?

Prius Prime comes with a standard-outlet charging cable. You can easily charge Prius Prime’s battery by plugging its included charging cable into a standard electrical outlet. No additional charging equipment is needed.

Is there a mileage limit on a Toyota Prius?

Hybrid *Date and mileage limitations refer to whichever comes first from the date of first purchase. Warranty coverage is subject to other terms and conditions. Refer to applicable Warranty and Maintenance Guide for full details.

Is the Toyota Prius the most fuel efficient car?

Fuel economy and emissions. Since its inception, the Toyota Prius has been among the best fuel economy vehicles available in the United States, and for the model year 2012, the Prius family has three models among the 10 most fuel-efficient cars sold in the country as rated by US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

What kind of warranty does a Toyota Prius have?

The warranty for hybrid components is 100,000 miles (160,000 km) or 8 years. It is classified as a SULEV (Super Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle) and is certified by California Air Resources Board as an “Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicle” ( AT-PZEV ).

What kind of battery does a Toyota Prius have?

Also, the Prius received a facelift with redesigned headlights and taillights, which was released in Japan on December 17, 2018. The Prius Plug-in Hybrid (ZVW35) is based on the conventional third generation (ZVW30) with a 4.4- kWh lithium-ion battery that allows an all-electric range of 18 km (11 miles).

What kind of mpg does a Toyota Prius get?

All information presented herein is based on data available at the time of posting, is subject to change without notice and pertains specifically to mainland U.S.A. vehicles only (may differ in the state of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and in other regions). 1.8L 4-Cyl. Hybrid 1.8L 4-Cyl. Hybrid 1.8L 4-Cyl. Hybrid 1.8L 4-Cyl. Hybrid

How many miles does a Toyota Prius Prime hold?

Prius Prime holds up to 11.3 gallons of gas, and when the battery is fully charged it can reach an EPA-estimated 640-mile total driving range. [prime_2020_range_rating] To maximize your range, charge Prius Prime’s battery as often as possible to make the most use of your EV-powered miles.

How does the Toyota Prius Prime help the environment?

Prius Prime can help reduce total vehicle emissions by using electricity to decrease gasoline consumption. In many areas of the U.S., electricity produces fewer emissions per mile than gasoline. Depending on the cost of electricity, it can also cost less per mile to drive on electricity versus gasoline.

How much does it cost to replace a Toyota Prius battery?

But, in general, a brand new Toyota hybrid battery replacement cost will run you between $2,200 and $4,100. This does not include labor costs. A used battery will cost you upwards of $1,500, while a refurbished Toyota Prius battery will cost $1,500 or more. It’s important to do your homework and to shop around for the best prices in your area.

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