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What is the oil filter adapter on a Chevy small block?

What is the oil filter adapter on a Chevy small block?

The oil filter adapter holds a fiber disc and a spring-loaded bypass valve. Some engine builders like to remove it and plug the bypass so that oil is forced through the filter. This is not good practice on most engines, because a plugged filter may starve the oiling system.

What kind of engine did the Chevy 265 have?

Information and engine specs for the 265 small block V8 Chevy engine. The Chevrolet 265 V8 engine was the first small block to be produced by GM. Chevrolet 1950-1959

Why was the corvette 265 made in 1955?

The 265 was designed for the most part to save the Corvette from being chopped due to the fact that only 700 Corvettes were sold for the 1955 model year. People were looking for something stronger than the Chevy 235 which was only good for 150 horsepower.

Where is the oil gallery on a Chevy small block?

The main oil gallery runs parallel to the camshaft and directly above it. The lifter galleries run directly through the lifter bores on either side of the main gallery.

What kind of oil filter does Chevy 261 have?

The 1929-1962 216 and 235 and 1954-1957 261 Engines all had a Bypass Oil Filtration Systems and only if the dealer installed them. GM did not send oil filtration systems out as a factory offering.

Can a spin on oil filter be installed on a 1929 Chevy six?

There are several different options for installing a Spin-on type oil filter for your 1929-1962 Chevy Six. This has to do with two factors. If you have the stock Bypass Filtration system or if you had your engine modified for full flow, and if you have a triangular engine mounting boss on the drivers side of the engine or not.

What was the oil filter on a 1963 Chevy truck?

It is important to note that oil filter assemblies were not standard equipment on pre-1963 Chevrolet cars and trucks. Chevrolet offered oil filter units as an RPO (Regular Production Option), or as a dealer installed item available through the GM Parts Division.

What was the filter number on a 1936 Chevy truck?

It used a replaceable element under part number L-11. The 1936 Chevrolet Master Parts book states the filter unit for all 1933-36 models except CA, CC, DC & EC is listed as part number 601465, and states that a different oil distributor valve cap (#376843) and gasket (#835905) are required with this unit when used on 1933-34 models.

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