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What is a left control arm?

What is a left control arm?

Control arms “hold” front wheels. Most cars have two control arms in the front suspension. Control arms are connected to the frame or body of a car through flexible rubber bushings, called control arm bushings. This allows a control arm to swing up and down as front wheels roll over bumps and potholes.

When to replace the upper control arm on a Land Rover?

2006 Land Rover LR3 (Land Rover Discovery 3) upper rear control arm replacement. One of the rear arms needed replacement. This video covers some of the problems I ran into while replacing the arm. FWIW the arm, all bolts, and the knuckle bushing, including shipping from UK, was cheaper from then buying local.

How do you change the upper control arm?

These bushing bolts can be facing the engine or inline with the frame. Use a 18mm wrench or socket loosen and remove the nut on either side of the arm. 4. Remove the Upper Control Arm. After both nuts have been removed slide the bolts from the control arm mounts while keeping the adjusters in order.

What is the upper control arm on a non strut car?

Non strut cars and trucks are designed with an upper control arm that supports the top of the spindle which is where the wheel is mounted. Much like a lower control arm it is responsible for supporting the car frame while acting as a hinge that allows the wheel to move upward while the car is going over a bump.

How do you remove a cotter pin on an upper control arm?

After removing the cotter pin (if equipped) use a 18mm wrench to loosen the ball joint nut about 3 turns. Do not remove the nut completely because it will protect the upper ball joint threads during removal.

Where are the control arms on a car?

The two bottom points of the control arms that form the letter A are attached to the frame of the vehicle while the top point is attached to the spindle. Three or four control arms are placed between the rear axle housing and the frame if you have coil springs in both the front and rear suspensions.

How to replace rear upper control arm-YouTube?

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How does the control arm work on a Honda Fit?

Many vehicles have upper and lower control arms. The inboard link (s) of the arm securely bolt to the frame of the vehicle through rubber bushings, while the outboard link of the control arm connects to the steering knuckle through a ball joint; all of which allow the control of the up and down movement of the steering knuckle or axle carrier.

When do I need to replace my control arm?

Control arms don’t usually fail on their own unless they’re damaged in a collision. But you can get them replaced if their connected parts aren’t serviceable or if you simply don’t want to remove worn bushings and ball joints one by one. For problem-free installation, be sure to get a… Control Arm with Ball Joint Assembly, Front Upper Rearward…

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