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What happens if you put flex fuel in a non flex fuel vehicle?

What happens if you put flex fuel in a non flex fuel vehicle?

Many flex-fuel vehicles (FFVs) can use both E85 and unleaded gas without any problems, but if you accidentally fill your non-FFV with E85, you could be in for an issue. Your check engine light will probably turn on, but it will turn off once the fuel starts to burn off.

What does E85 do to fuel lines?

Due to its hydroscopic nature, E85 attracts moisture from the air. The end result is a buildup of water in the fuel system. This water can cause damage to injectors, pumps, lines and regulators, if not properly addressed.

Do you need flex fuel sensor for straight E85?

You’ll need a flex fuel sensor to monitor the ethanol content per tank as it *could* vary seasonally between about 50-85%.. Without this, you will have to test EVERY batch of gas you put in your tank to verify.

What does a flex fuel composition sensor do?

Flex Fuel Composition/Temperature Sensor. A Flex Fuel Composition/Temperature Sensor is digital sensor used to monitor the ethanol content of the fuel as well as the fuel temperature. This can be used with your Elite ECU for Flex Fuel tuning to suit a varying blend of ethanol in the fuel, for datalogging, and for Engine Protection purposes.

How does the flex fuel custom OS work?

The flex fuel custom OS utilises the second O2 sensor on BF/FG as the flex fuel sensor input. This will require a converter (zeitronix or other) to convert the standard flex fuel PWM signal into a 0-5v signal. Pirotta Performance has developed a plug in loom for the O2 sensor for this purpose.

Is there an ECM signal to the fuel pump relay?

The fuel pump relay works as it should. I always have power to Pin 30. I believe the ECM tells the relay to work via the green/black wire to Pin 85. This should happen for 2 seconds when the key is turned on. I have tested this when the issue is occurring and have confirmed that no signal is being sent from the ECM.

What is the voltage of the fuel pump relay?

From the positive battery terminal to Pin 85 measured 10.9 V. The battery from terminal to terminal measured 12.2 V. Everywhere else I’ve compared voltage has been the same as the battery. That seems a little suspicious.

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