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What do you do with a 454 engine?

What do you do with a 454 engine?

Car performance enthusiasts use engines such as these to power hot rods and street racing cars; because of this, many 454 owners are seeking a way to pump more horsepower out of these already powerful engines. Though these engines are already made with performance in mind, there are many upgrades you can use to get more power out of them.

How much rpm can a stock 454 bottom end handle?

Cast pistons, stock rods, 2-bolt mains, cast crank 5600 rpm though some take them higher… and spring swap then hammer-down! Hyper Es, HD Trk rods with ARP bolts, cast crank, 2-bolt maybe 6000. Thing is, we’re talking street and longevity here… pal says 7000 but his piston speed would be outa sight with this equipment.

Why does my 454 engine quit working when I slow down?

If I let up on the accelerator pedal and slow down to about 40 miles per hour, depending on the incline, then the engine recovers. This latter symptom seems worse after I have driven a while.

Can you change the stock exhaust system on a 454?

Replace the stock exhaust system with a high-flow system. By changing the stock headers and mufflers attached to your 454 with high-flow parts, you will be able to increase the speed that air flows out of your engine and the power it creates.

Why did my GM 454 Backfire at WOT?

I replaced the in tank fuel pump last month thinking it was fuel starvation while going up hills at WOT (wide open throttle). The fuel pressure with the old pump was low showing around 8 psi on the pressure gage that I permanently mounted 3 inches from the throttle body on the pressure line.

Why does my car cut out at 3500 rpm?

Tromp on it and she’s a tire shredding beast, untill it starts getting to 3500+ rpm, not so bad in 1st gear but 2nd is worse and 3rd is real bad. Damn thing starts cutting out/sputtering have to let off. Have checked the timing, spot on 38* all the way.

Is the GM 454 a throttle body injection?

I’mpretty sure Tim’s is a throttle body injection like mine. These look like a carb but are far from it. For that period it was GM’s answer to a carb and I think they worked better than a carb, but they came with their own problems. I’m having problems with my engine which is a gen 5 454 tbi 220 model made in 1992.

Is there an ECM on a 1993 GM 454?

There is No true ECM on the 1993 454. There is a mechanical advance spring set up under the distributor cap. Also, unless the engine system has been updated; there is a vacuum advance unit attached to the metal base under the cap. The top item is to replace ALL the vacuum lines.

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