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What are the myofascial lines of the body?

What are the myofascial lines of the body?

What exactly are “Myofascial Lines”? Basically they are lines of connective tissue that run through out the body. There is a posterior (back) line, anterior (front) line, spiral, and lateral lines. These lines help the body to move as a unit.

What are fascia lines?

Fascia lines according to Tom Myers They consist of membranes and ligaments, both superficial and deep connective tissue, loose and tight. These Fascia lines create stability, resistance, power, flexibility, elasticity, and above all- compensatory posture.

How many myofascial meridians are there?

myofascial meridians
The 12 ‘myofascial meridians’ in the Anatomy Trains system join the individual muscles you learned into functional complexes within the fascial fabric – each with a defined anatomy and ‘meaning’ in human posture and movement.

What are myofascial chains?

A myofascial chain is essentially a line of connective tissue that runs through the body. These chains enable movement and force transmission and help the body to move as a unit. They can, however, also cause pain and structural weakness.

What is the superficial back line?

The Superficial Back Line is a continuous line of connective tissue extending from the bottom of the foot up the back side of the body over the top of the head. Tension, movement patterns, trauma, or strain here tends to transmit throughout this fascial line. In our body, this line has both a left and a right side.

What are anatomical lines?

Anatomical “lines”, theoretical lines drawn through structures, are also used to describe anatomical location. For example: The midaxillary line, a line running vertically down the surface of the body passing through the apex of the axilla (armpit).

How many layers of fascia are there?

There are three layers of fascia types. Each with its own distinct function and properties.

What is the deep front line?

What is the Deep Front Line? The Deep Front Line (DFL) is a term used to describe the relationship of the myofascia between our front and back. Tom Myers, author of Anatomy Trains, has explained that this “train” of muscles and tissue link our toes to our neck anchored by many bony points while passing over organs.

What are functional lines?

The Functional Line. What is the Functional Line? It is a fascia line that every movement you perform goes through. Fascia is a fibrous tissue that runs throughout the body connecting muscles, joints and other tissue into one.

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