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Should brake drums be replaced?

Should brake drums be replaced?

The brake drums on your car are built to last for about 200,000 miles. A mechanic will measure the drums to gauge whether or not they need to be replaced or if they can be turned instead. If the damage to the brake drum is bad enough, it will begin to cause problems with the brake shoes.

How to remove a brake drum that is stuck on?

Watch how to remove a brake drum that is stuck on. I go through the steps so anyone can remove their drum brake. In this case the drum adjuster was stuck so first try to get it off by wiggling back and forth. Then spray penetrating oil to remove rust between the drum and the seat. Then hit it with a hammer hard.

Do you need to replace drums when you replace brakes?

Most drums have the maximum diameter the machine surface can be. When you take it into get it machined, the place where you get it done can check this for you. Whether you use a freshly turned drum or a brand new one, you’ll find they will work better and your brakes will last longer than using a used one.

When do I need to replace my brake shoes?

Even minor blemishes on the machined surface will wear the brake shoes faster than if you just bust the glaze off of it. The drums only need replacing if they are deeply cracked or oversize. Properly adjusted drums last for several sets of shoes.

Do you need to change the drum on your car?

Properly adjusted drums last for several sets of shoes. The inner edge will need to be cleaned and gently chamfered off to allow the drum to slide back on easily when refitting. Thanks for contributing an answer to Motor Vehicle Maintenance & Repair Stack Exchange!

Where can I buy a new brake drum?

Explore our huge inventory of low-priced, in-stock parts and find the replacement brake drums you need for any brake repair or restoration job on your car, truck, or SUV.

Where are the disc and drum brakes located?

Many older vehicles feature drum brakes in the rear and disc brakes in the front. Drum brakes function by using hydraulic pressure and wheel cylinders to push the brake shoes outward to ride on the inside of the brake drum surface.

What are the signs of a brake drum problem?

Other signs that you should be looking for brake drum problems are excess rust, corrosion or oil on the brake drum, shoes or surrounding brake parts (master cylinder, hoses, lines, springs). If you are experiencing any of these brake drum problems you will want to have your drum brakes serviced.

Which is the best drum brake wheel cylinder?

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