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Mini Classic Pond Fountain

Mini Classic Pond Fountain

Our Classic 1/3 HP Mini Series Pond Fountain is perfectly suited for ponds no larger than 60 feet in diameter. This fountain is sized perfectly for a small pond but has all the characteristics of the larger pond fountains. As you can see from the pictures, the sprays are not weak. So, it looks like a full-size fountain with thick spray streams as you would see in a larger fountain. Read more for some ideas to make your pond more beautiful:

Create an Ideal Fountain or Pond for Your Outdoor Living Area

A fountain is a great feature for your backyard pond. This will enhance the natural beauty and offer a feeling of relaxation with the trickling water. Fountains have many different styles and designs to fit any space and preference. When searching for one to install in your outdoor space, check all options to make sure you pick the right one for your space. This will ensure that you achieve the look that you desire.

Small ponds with a fountain will be a useful and fun addition to your property. Fountains benefit the local ecosystem, they provide a relaxing place to hang out with family and friends, and they offer more practical benefits as well. This is definitely something to consider!

Aeration is Encouraged

Appropriate oxygen levels in pond water are essential to the overall health of the pond. Obviously, the health of fish relies on this. But less obvious is the pond’s ability to get rid of waste. Waste in ponds includes waste materials from animals, which enters with stormwater runoff, as well as animals and plants that die in the water.

Aerobic bacteria are 20 times quicker than anaerobic bacteria in breaking down waste and putting it into solution. In a solution, it is able to grow new life, or be flushed out.

Backyard ponds and lakes come in a large variety of shapes and sizes. They can be a small backyard pond at just a fraction of an acre, or as large as several hundred-acres, and anywhere in the middle. Some ponds and lakes are man-made, and some are natural bodies of water.

Many backyard ponds, farm ponds, and lakes do not have proper water quality problem prevention management. The ones that are managed, typically are only managed for fixing water quality issues instead of preventing the problems from happening in the first place. If not addressed, this can rapidly increase the aging process and eventually lead to the death of the pond or lake.

There is a natural aging process that ponds and lakes go through, and the erosion process will fill in the low areas with eroded earth from the higher areas. This progression will cause the pond or lake to fill up. Ponds or lakes have many zones or segments. Having knowledge about these zones along with having a general idea of the aging process will help you manage your pond properly and slow the aging process.

It Is Easy to Start A Water Garden

A water feature is an extremely popular addition to any backyard. You might have noticed a neighbor’s pond as you were walking by, or maybe helped a friend to install a waterfall in a pond, or saw one featured on TV. Either way, a water garden or decorative water feature can bring many benefits to your outdoor living space. Here are a few reasons you should put one in your backyard:

The Peaceful Sound of Flowing Water: Whether you are in an urban high rise, suburban neighborhood, or large ranch, moving water can give you a sense of privacy and calm by blocking out noises with the peaceful sounds of water flowing over a waterfall or coming down a stream, or the sound of a fountain in a lake.

A Great Investment for your Home: Many homeowners have been trading vacations for “staycations,” by making their homes resort like, and are looking for ways to build on their biggest investment – their home. Building a water feature or pond is the perfect way for you to create a relaxing outdoor area, while also adding value to your home.

Style: Water features come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, allowing you to match your home and personal design style. Some options now include a floating solar fountain pump pond aerator for lakes, pondless waterfalls, disappearing fountains, small fountains ,large fountain pump water gardens, and any combination of those. No matter what the size space you have, there is going to be an option that will fit your outdoor area and budget.

Wildlife Habitat: Water is the basis for all life, so naturally, humans and animals are drawn towards water. Wild birds, dragonflies, turtles, squirrels, butterflies, snails, fish, and frogs will definitely enjoy your new outdoor addition. So, when designing your pond, you should think about ways to include options for food and shelter for all these animals. This will give them a natural habitat in your backyard that will both be fun for you and build a great ecosystem.

A Fun Hobby: Pond keeping and water gardening definitely have a learning curve. The more you learn more about the technical aspects of maintaining the water quality, raising koi, and cleaning filters, the healthier your pond will get and bring more satisfaction as a hobby. With the endless choices for ponds and water features, once you get the hang of it you can try your hand at more than one.

Relaxation: After a long day, there is nothing more relaxing than sitting or walking by your pond, feeding your koi, watching the wildlife around the pond and enjoying the solar powered floating pond fountains or appreciating the blooms on your aquatic plants.

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