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How many miles can a Chevy van last?

How many miles can a Chevy van last?

However, Chevy vehicles are routinely among lists of the longest-lasting vehicles and regularly make it past 200,000 miles.

What’s the price of a 2006 Chevy Express?

TrueCar has 7 used 2006 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van s for sale nationwide, including a YF7 Upfitter 1500 135″ WB RWD and a 1500 135″ WB AWD. Prices for 2006 Chevrolet Express Cargo Van s currently range from $7,995 to $16,888, with vehicle mileage ranging from 44,521 to 341,418.

Is the 2006 Chevrolet Express 1500 child seats?

Read full review The 2006 Chevrolet Express 1500 has not been tested. Like what you see? Find the best deal on a Chevrolet Express 1500 today. There are for sale near you. Certified child passenger safety technicians conduct hands-on tests of a car’s Latch system and check the vehicle’s ability to accommodate different types of car seats.

Where was the 2006 Chevrolet Express last serviced?

Last serviced in Manassas, VA on 04/26/21 • Vehicle serviced • Emissions inspection performed. Mileage: 94,133 miles Body Type: Van Color: White Engine: 8 Cyl 6.0 L Accident reported: minor damage. Purchased on 06/28/06 and owned in WV until 06/10/21. Driven an estimated 8,750 miles/year.

What kind of engine does the Express 1500 have?

about the 2006 Chevrolet Express 1500 Up to 15-passenger capacity Three duty levels available RWD or AWD Choice of three gasoline V-8s Diesel V-8 available for Cargo Vans StabiliTrak on 12- and 15-passenger vans

What are the dimensions of a Chevy Express van?

Express passenger vans come on a regular-length (135-inch) wheelbase, but the heavier-duty 2500 and 3500 Series are also available in extended-wheelbase (155-inch) form. The two versions measure 224 and 244 inches long overall, respectively. Each van is 79.4 inches wide and at least 81.6 inches tall.

What is a Chevrolet Express van?

The Chevrolet Express is a full-size van marketed by General Motors on the North American market starting 1996. In 2002, the model underwent some important changes in terms of body components and engine units, receiving brand new LS power plants. The Chevrolet Express was further modified in the upcoming years,…

What is a Chevy passenger van?

Chevy Express Passenger. The Express/Savana is also available as a passenger van, seating 8 to 15 passengers, depending on the model, and is often used as a tow truck, ambulance, shuttle bus, or school bus.

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