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How does the car access control module work?

How does the car access control module work?

Control module Car Access CAS 1 The transponder in the key is powered via the loop antenna and sends the key data to the CAS control module. 2 The CAS control module checks the key data to ensure it is correct and only then sends an enable signal to the starter. 3 The CAS control module sends the random code to DME/DDE.

How does the engine control module ( cas ) work?

The engine control module (DME/DDE) only enables engine start if a correct enable signal is received from the CAS control module.

How are the control modules allocated in DME / DDE?

The control modules are allocated only during initial programming of the DME/DDE control module. The engine control module then adopts the basic code of the CAS control module. It is not possible to replace the DME/DDE or CAS control modules for test purposes!

Where does the data go in a BMW control module?

This means that no battery is necessary in the key. The power supply and data transfer take place in the same way as a transformer between the loop antenna (coil) at the ignition lock and the transponder chip. The key then sends data to the CAS control module.

What does Microsoft Access mean for a module?

Module object (Access) A Module object refers to a standard module or a class module. Remarks. Microsoft Access includes class modules that are not associated with any object, and form modules and report modules, which are associated with a form or report.

Where are class modules located in Access 97?

In Access, there were two types of modules: standard modules and class modules. In Access 95, class modules existed only in association with a form or report. In Access 97, they also existed on the Modules tab of the Database window. You can use a class module to create a definition for a custom object.

How to create a new module in MS Access?

Creating a new module or class module from the Project pane. When you create a new module, it is automatically assigned a default name (for example Module1). When you click the save button, you will be prompted to give the module a permanent, more meaningful name. Figure shows the new module before it has been saved with an alternative name.

Are there control modules available at Ford parts center?

There are various Control Modules that perform different and critical functions in your Ford vehicle. Ford Parts Center offers all available OEM control modules today. Plus, with our great prices and fast shipping you can get your Module fast. All our Genuine Control Modules are backed by a Ford Motor Company Nationwide Warranty.

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