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How can I tell if my cooling fan is working?

How can I tell if my cooling fan is working?

The quickest way to tell whether or not the electric fan (s) are working is to start the engine; let it reach normal operating temperature and then turn the A/C on. The cooling fan in the engine compartment should turn on to pull air through the radiator and A/C condenser. A main cooling fan for the radiator.

What happens if your radiator fan is not working?

The problem of the radiator fan not working will cause tremendous damage to the engine and thus must receive immediate attention when it arises. Learn how a radiator and a radiator fan work, how to diagnose the issue of radiator fan not working and the common causes.

Is there a way to test a radiator fan?

You can test the electrical radiator fans by taking a wire from the car battery, unplug the radiator fan connector, and put 12v+ and ground into the connector. This is the fastest and easiest way to test your radiator fans. Because the radiator fan is often drawing so much power, there is often a relay that is powering the coolant fan.

What are the symptoms of a bad cooling fan relay?

Relays bridge the gap, making it possible for small currents to activate larger ones. One of the first symptoms commonly associated with a bad or failing cooling fan relay is; an engine that runs hot or overheats. Non-functional cooling fans are another common symptom of a potential problem with the cooling fan relay.

What causes a radiator fan to stop working?

Voltage spikes, high resistances in control circuits, defective vehicle batteries, bad wiring, short circuits, moisture, corrosion, and even excessive vibration due to damage to the fan itself can all cause a fan motor to fail.

How to diagnose radiator fan problems?

Part 8 of 9: Check if the radiator cooling fan is faulty Locate the radiator cooling fan. Park your vehicle and apply the parking brake. Open the hood and locate the radiator cooling fan. Warm the engine. Start your vehicle and allow the engine to run until it begins to get hot. Check the cooling fan. When the engine starts to get above the normal operating temperature, watch the cooling fan.

Why isn’t the radiator fan working?

The biggest cause of a radiator fan not working is a broken fuse. To see if the fuse is intact and working, you’ll need to look at the fuse panel in your vehicle which will probably be under the hood. The actual location will be listed in your owner manual and will show which fuse works for which component.

Why does your radiator fan keep going on and off?

Here are some possibilities causing the fan to stay running longer. low coolant level, faulty coolant temperature sensor, PCM or ECU defective. coolant leaks from the water pump, cracked radiator, worn upper or lower radiator hoses, leaky heater core, leaky thermostat housing,

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