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Do you need an alternator to charge your battery?

Do you need an alternator to charge your battery?

Your alternator doesn’t charge your battery the way you think it does. It’s a common misconception among drivers that if their battery is flat (by which I mean dead), a good long drive will charge it up. After all the alternator generates power, right?

Why is my Honda alternator not charging the battery?

Alternator is good but not charging due to missing power supply. Test to battery voltage at the main mast. It should be hot at all times. Check the 4 pin connector for secure connection. Perform alternator output test. 1.With engine at normal operating temperature, remove alternator harness connector.

What happens when an alternator goes bad in a car?

The alternator plays a vital role in supplying power to the car’s AC, recharging the battery and ignition. When your alternator is faulty, the battery power is drained fast, and you will find yourself with a stalled car. But what can cause the alternator to go bad?

Why is my car battery still not charging?

If you are sure that your alternator is working properly and yet your battery is still not charging, then it’s possible that you have a bad voltage regulator in your vehicle. The voltage regulator keeps the right amount of electrical power flowing through the various electrical systems in your vehicle.

Why would a good alternator not charge a battery?

The alternator is powered by several different wiring mechanisms. If a wire is not attached properly, becomes detached or is inadvertently cut, the alternator will not have any power. If the alternator is not getting any power, it cannot turn the pulley and belt mechanism that charges the battery, and the battery will not charge.

Why is your new alternator not charging your battery?

The most common reason for an alternator not charging a battery is because of a bad alternator or battery . You can easily test the voltage by connecting a voltmeter to your battery while the engine is off.

Why isn’t my alternator charging my battery?

6 Causes of an Alternator Not Charging Worn out carbon brushes or damaged alternator. The most common reason why your car is not charging is actually because of a worn-out or damaged alternator. Broken Serpentine belt. Faulty fuse. Wiring issues or connectors. Damaged car battery. Engine control module error.

Can a bad alternator overcharge a battery?

Overcharging of the battery by a defective or malfunctioning alternator will result in the battery reaching an overcharged state. When overcharged, the plates inside the battery shed material and lose their capacity to hold electricity. The battery resists further charging, and the excess electrical charge builds up and is radiated as heat.

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