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Can you get scammed on puppy Finder?

Can you get scammed on puppy Finder?

These claims are fraudulent, as does not have any role in any transaction. The scammer will often send an official looking (but fake) email that appears to come from, offering a guarantee, certifying a seller, handle payments.

Is PuppyFind legit? has a consumer rating of 3.66 stars from 50 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. ranks 32nd among Dogs sites.

Is puppy finder a puppy mill?

According to the complaint, PuppyFind misled consumers into believing that the puppies advertised on its website were healthy and came from high quality breeders when in fact many of the puppies were sick and came from inhumane, unsanitary breeding facilities known as puppy mills.

How can I avoid getting scammed for my dog?

How to avoid pet scams

  1. Contact rescue groups for the breed you want. They may have a pet for you or be able to recommend a breeder.
  2. Know typical prices and avoid deeply discounted or “free” pets, which can suggest fraud or a puppy mill.
  3. Visit the breeder.
  4. Expect the breeder to ask you questions.

How much does puppy find cost?

PuppyFind Fees PuppyFind charges a fees of $5.99 to $14.99 for contacting non-subscribing sellers. However, it is free to list a puppy. To become a subscribing seller, you have to pay a fee of $19.99 to $29.99.

How do I know if a dog breeder is reputable?

10 Signs of a Good Breeder

  1. You’ll meet the breeder in person.
  2. The breeder will have lots of questions for you.
  3. You’ll meet the father and mother.
  4. You’ll see the facilities.
  5. There won’t be lots of different breeds available.
  6. You may have to wait for a puppy.

What is the safest way to pay for a puppy?

Payment should be made securely using a credit card or Paypal. If you pay with your credit card you can have the transaction reversed if you do not receive your puppy. Never send a payment with a money order or through Western Union. These are not safe.

How do you get a puppy without getting scammed?

Is NextDayPets com a legitimate website? (Next Day Pets) isn’t a site that lets you get a dog or puppy mailed to you. NextDayPets in fact is the only company that polices dog breeders, requires they verify their identity and upon the few cases of reports of sick puppies, breeders get banned.

How many fraudulent websites are there for pets?

Again, any further money sent will be lost and the pet will never be delivered. Below is our current list of petscams. We now have over 8,000 fraudulent pet websites listed in our directory:

Where can I find an ad for a puppy?

You visit a reputable newspaper or online classifieds website. Scammers will post an ad offering a pedigree pet for a really cheap price or sometimes even free. The ad may include a picture of a very cute kitten or puppy and claim that it is registered and has been ‘lovingly raised’.

How often do people get scammed for puppies?

According to BBB data, nearly 10,000 scam reports and complaints have come in during the last three years about “businesses” selling puppies and dogs. The FTC estimates that only about 10 percent of victims report these crimes, so this number could be much higher.

Can you give out your Social Security number on

· PUPPYFINDER.COM IS NOT INVOLVED IN ANY TRANSACTION, and does not handle payments, provide escrow, “buyer protection”. · NEVER GIVE OUT FINANCIAL INFORMATION (bank account number, social security number, PayPal info, etc.).

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