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Can you get a full size truck with a manual transmission?

Can you get a full size truck with a manual transmission?

Unfortunately, manual transmissions aren’t all that popular anymore. While automatic transmissions used to be a luxury, it’s now manual transmissions that are tough to find. At this point, there are only two pickup trucks available with a manual transmission: the 2021 Toyota Tacoma and the 2021 Jeep Gladiator.

How to identify Chevrolet GMC manual transmissions [ video ]?

After locating correct unit a link is supplied to provide detailed information on specific kit and parts that are available for your unit. Information is provided for General Motors 3 speed, 4 speed , 5 speed and 6 speeds manual transmissions. Cast iron case and extension housing with 4-bolt side cover.

Where is the transmission filler in a 1994 GM pick up?

Access our free Manual Transmission Repair Guide for GM S-Series Pick-ups and SUV’s 1994-1999 through AutoZone Rewards. These diagrams include: Fig. 1: Location of the manual transmission filler and drain plugs

Where to find the GM’s series transmission repair guide?

Click the “View More” button, and then click “Vehicle Repair Guides.” Select the chapter “Manual Transmission Repair Guide”.

How to fill a manual transmission drain plug?

Fig. 1: Location of the manual transmission filler and drain plugs Fig. 4: Insert your pinky finger into the hole (being very careful not to cut yourself on any sharp edges) and check that the fluid is level with the bottom of the hole Fig. 5: If the level is incorrect, add fluid until it just starts to seep from the hole

How to identify manual transmissions on Chevy 1988-1992 trucks?

How Do I Identify Manual Transmissions on Chevy 1988 -1992 Trucks? The five transmissions installed on 1988 to 1992 Chevrolet trucks, according to, were the Borg-Warner T5, the Getrag, Muncie or New Venture models HM290, 5LM60 and NV3500 and the New Venture NV4500. The NV4500 appeared on 1992 full-sized trucks only.

What kind of transmission does a Chevy truck have?

THM700-R4 – 4 Speed transmission used in GM cars and light trucks with the 2.8, 3.1, 4.3, V6, Chevrolet built 305, 350 and 454 engines from 1982 to 1992.

Is there a warranty on a Chevy Silverado transmission?

Transmission is remanufactured, like new, with all OEM engineering updates, includes the torque converter and no core charge. 5 Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty . Free Shipping. (989)891-9212

What kind of transmission is the Chevy THM375?

THM375B – This trans is identical to the THM350, but is considered a heavier duty transmission. THM375 – This transmission is a derivative of the THM400 sharing the external appearance of the 400. It’ll be marked 375-THM on the bottom of the tailshaft housing.

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