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Are there different types of spark plugs for cars?

Are there different types of spark plugs for cars?

However, with different types of spark plugs available–copper, platinum, iridium–and with different heat ranges, it’s easy to get confused and, inadvertently, cause performance problems: misfires, detonations and, if not careful, serious engine damage.

When to use platinum or iridium spark plugs?

However, some late 1980s and newer models will see the benefits of using platinum spark plugs for the same reason, as recommended by the car manufacturer. Some late model vehicles, including Lexus and Pontiac, call for iridium type plugs for better efficiency, gas mileage and extended service interval. So What’s the Best Spark Plug for My Vehicle?

What should the temperature of a spark plug be?

This will affect how hot or cold the plug’s tip operates. A spark plug tip operates in temperatures that range between 500–850 °C degrees (932–1562 °F). A hot-type plug will operate towards the higher threshold, fighting off carbon deposits more efficiently.

What should the life of a spark plug be?

Check your car owner’s manual, or consult your vehicle repair manual for the recommended spark plug and service interval. Yet, certain situations definitely call for longer service life spark plugs. Consider, for example, how difficult it is for you to service the spark plugs on your particular engine.

What kind of spark plug should I use?

Consider the recommended spark plug to use in the car as well. The first type of spark plug that you will find in the market and the most inexpensive of them all will be copper spark plug. Copper spark plug’s core is made up of full copper but the center electrode is made of nickel alloy.

Do you need to double check your spark plugs?

However, the gap your spark plug needs to have may differ. That is why you need to always double-check it. You need to realize that if you insert a different type of spark plug than recommended, you may cause significant damage to your engine that is very expensive to fix.

Where does the spark come from in a spark plug?

Keeping in mind these two factors you will be able to get the most out of your spark plug selection. The first factor you have to keep in mind that the spark produce by the spark plugs is between two points. These points are known as ‘center electrode’ and ‘side electrode’.

Why do spark plugs need to be replaced?

The center electrode of this type of spark plug is a copper core coated with a nickel alloy. It has the largest diameter of all the other spark plugs, so it needs more voltage to generate a spark. Nickel alloy is a material that is soft and not very durable, so the spark plugs will need to be replaced more frequently than other types.

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