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Are Squashums healthy?

Are Squashums healthy?

Squashums range is offering unique products bursting with flavour and full of dairy goodness (source of calcium and essential proteins*). *Calcium and protein are essential for healthy bone growth. It is important to have a varied diet as part of a healthy lifestyle.

How many calories are in a Squashum yoghurt?


Typical Values Per 100g Per Serving 60g
81 kcal 49 kcal
Fat 2.7 g 1.6 g
of which: saturates 1.8 g 1.1 g
Carbohydrate 9.8 g 5.9 g

Are Munch Bunch yoghurts vegetarian?

Suitable for Vegetarians. Contains: Milk. 30% less sugar. All natural ingredients.

Are Frubes high in sugar?

One Frube has 14g of sugar – over three teaspoons!

Can babies have Munch Bunch yoghurts?

I’d avoid things like Petit Filous and Munch Bunch (sorry Samantha!) as they have a huge amount of added sugar in them which is far too high for a baby of 6 months. You could try Rachel’s Organics which only contain natural sugar from the fruit or plain yoghurt with fruit puree which is what I always did.

What are Frubes?

Go-Gurt (stylized as Go-GURT), also known as Yoplait Tubes in Canada and as Frubes in Britain and Ireland, is an American brand of low-fat yogurt for children. It can be sucked out of a tube, instead of being eaten with a spoon.

What is in Petit filous?

It lists fromage frais (pasteurised skimmed milk, cream, lactic cultures), sugar 5.7 per cent, water, strawberry purée from concentrate 5 per cent, carrot juice, fructose 1.5 per cent, corn flour, lemon juice, natural flavouring, milk mineral concentrate and vitamin D.

Is Munch Bunch halal?

This particular one is Haram, they have various versions to this so each one needs to be checked carefully. So many mothers continue to buy these without checking for the kids!

How much sugar is in a Munch Bunch?


Typical Values Per 100g Per 85g pot
Fat 2.7 g 2.3 g
of which: saturates 1.8 g 1.5 g
Carbohydrate 12.6 g 10.7 g
of which: sugars 11.0 g 9.4 g

Can you put Frubes in the freezer?

Frubes are a quick, easy, tasty lunchbox treat! They can also be frozen to extend their life, and can be eaten as frozen yogurt. They are multi-talented! I always have a pack in the fridge/freezer.

What age is Munch Bunch for?

Children under 3 years should be supervised when consuming this product.

Who owns Yoplait?

General MillsYoplait SAS / Parent organization

Is the squashums range of yogurt good for You?

Squashums range is offering unique products bursting with flavour and full of dairy goodness (source of calcium and essential proteins*). It is the funniest way to eat a yogurt ever and easy to take anywhere. So go on, Catch’em and Squash’em, too good to let go!

Is there any sugar in Munch Bunch squashums?

Munch Bunch Squashums Fruit Puree is made only with natural ingredients, 100% fruit puree and no added sugar. Two servings contain 1 portion of fruit.

What kind of drinks can you make with squashums?

Catch our Squashums Drinks and enjoy a delicious yogurt drink full of fruit (fruit puree) and dairy goodness. The small bottle is easy for little hands to hold and enjoy anytime – breakfast, lunch or tea ! Perfect for lunchboxes too.

What are the new flavours of Squashies Swizzels?

The clever boffins at Swizzels have found a way to turn all your favourite sweets ‘Squashie’! You think you have tried them all….well look out for the new Drumstick Squashies Bubblegum flavour! NEW Bubblegum and Sour Cherry & Apple bags.

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