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Are convertible worth it?

Are convertible worth it?

It costs more to buy, maintain, and insure. It isn’t as roomy as an equivalent coupe, and it has safety and security issues. It might be a little noisier and a bit less comfortable as well. But the reason people still buy and own convertibles in the fact that they absolutely love the experience of driving them.

Are there any hard top convertibles on the market?

After all, most of the current cloth-top convertibles rely on power opening and closing mechanisms as well. It may surprise U.S. drivers, but at the time the 2014 Mazda MX-5 Miata Power Retractable Hardtop made its debut, global sales of the metal-roof Miatas were outpacing deliveries of the soft-top models by a ratio of 4 to 1.

Which is heavier a hard top convertible or a soft top?

The complexities of a retractable hardtop can make the car much heavier than a standard soft-top convertible, not to mention more difficult to fix should something go wrong. The Corvette has spent decades as the high-end performance car with the most bang for the buck, squeezing a mighty V8 engine under a plastic hood.

When did the 4 series hardtop convertible come out?

This generation of 4 Series dates back to 2014, although it does receive new standard safety features for 2020. The convertible top is lined and insulated to protect against sound and weather intrusion, which makes it a more viable option as a comfortable daily driver.

When did BMW stop making hardtop convertibles?

BMW joined the hardtop club in 2009 with the Z4 Roadster, and this car takes us back into purist territory: A six-speed manual transmission and rear-wheel drive are standard not just for the 2009 models, but for the entire Z4 generation that ended production in 2016.

Where can I get a convertible top repaired?

We manufacture convertible top cylinders, hoses, pump motors, latches and more RIGHT HERE IN THE USA! For a free copy of our catalog, CLICK HERE. We are also Convertible Top Mechanism repair Specialists! We perform convertible top mechanism repair at our South El Monte, California manufacturing and repair facility.

Is there such a thing as a hardtop convertible?

A traditional hardtop convertible tends to blend into the crowd, as long as the roof is closed. These cars can be based on regular coupes, or designed specifically as convertibles from the ground up. They offer plenty of flexibility, since it’s generally pretty easy to tuck the roof into the trunk – even on the go.

Can a convertible top be repaired at Seatco?

From convertible repair to all-new convertible top installation, the auto trim experts at Seatco service all kinds of convertible tops, from hard to soft tops, late model to vintage. Our convertible top repair expertise ranges from factory-original restorations for vintage convertible tops, to fabricating unavailable parts when necessary.

What kind of parts do you need for a convertible?

At Convertible Service, we carry a full line of parts for your 1946 to present convertible. From hydraulic and mechanical parts, to convertible tops and weatherstrip, we’ve got what your looking for! We manufacture convertible top cylinders, hoses, pump motors, latches and more RIGHT HERE IN THE USA!

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